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Laaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeee Sundaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy. I love them.

This outfit started with a skin Aikeas done it AGAIN! With another gorgeous release for Lazy Sundays. New tone, 10 make ups, all for $75 ~ Nuff said.

Outfit ~ Dress, tights, boots, tatt all in a LB @ AdN <3

Armwarmers FREE gifty @ Modd. G

Not Free Hair @ Lamb, Piercings @ Ellabella


What I have always loved, and still do, about SL is the ability to dress up and change your appearence in any way you desire. Anyway, I blame Kilie for the hooves ;)

Dress FREE LB @ AdN also includes the accessories

Skin Group Gift @ Glam Affair (its soooooooooooooooooo gorgeous)

Hair ViP Group Gift @ [elikatira]


Hoofy boots @ Pera, Horns @ Illusion, Piercings @ Ellabella


Valentines is nearly upon us, despite being happily married and loved up in RL its not a celebration I buy into, but enough grumbling about comercial hype n meaningless gestures *AHEM*

GORJUS dress in the LB @ Plastik. Aikea has lots of lovely lovely stuffs in her LB’s which I am still stalking alongside buying up the store XD.

The lovely lovely skin that deserves a close up is also @ Plastik and part of her super deal mega packs of skins on a valentines special. 13 YUS 13 make ups on 4 new skin tones for $996 a pack (I think) anyhoo seeing as I normally pay that for 1 skin of hers its a total bargain.

Also not free are horns @ Illusory, eyes @ plastik, hair @ truth, piercings @ ellabella & that tatt again at Kiliebe <3


The SGB 3rd Anniversary event is underway with lots of designers doing some special and of course some freebies. I was thrilled to find one of my fave stores Ronsem there.

T Shirts x 3 $0 by Ronsem @ SGB 3rd Anniversary event 

Hand tats opening gifty @ ++daco da cafe ++

Jeans SZD Mad male LB gifty that I modded \m/ the feather on my mouth is also in the pack.


Hair @ Shag, Skin @ Illusory, Sneakers @ UBU, Eyes @ Plastik


Inspired by my besty in SL - this whole emsemble reminded me of her <3 - except she is more gorgus

Cardigan Group Gift @ Clematis

Jumper Group Gift @ Airflow

Shorts FREE @ Mirrors oldies but just love love love them

Tights Free part of a set on LB @ Sassy Kitty


Skin @ Belleza (Alyson)

Boots @ League

Hair @ Truth


Today I am off with a cold so its comfort all round.

Ugg Boots @ Sassy Kitty MM

Shorts @ Silenced MM (also has a top)

Top @ Silenced baby Its Cold Outside Hunt Prize

Not freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s

Skin @ Belleza, Hair @ Truth, Piercings @ Ellabella, Eyes @ Hermony



Hide out camo dress LB item @ Sassy Kitty part of a set of loads of things YAY

Fishnets free @ Jem


Forgive Me Tatt @ Kiliebe, gloves @ Kiliebe, Boots @ AVZ, Hair @ Lamb, Eyes, Skin, Ears all @ Plastik (Skins part of a total bargain valentine set just out)


What I would wear clubbing when I was 19 ;P

T Shirt group gift @ Ange!

Shorts $1 or free @ ][AV][ outlet

Tights free @ *Latte*

NOT FREE Hair @ Truth, Dunks @ BALKANIK 2.0 , Skin @ Plastik <3 <3 <3

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